Adaptive Tactical Mossberg 500/88 Venom-SE Shotgun Magazine Conversion Kit

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Product Description

The Venom-SE 10 Round Rotary Kit delivers faster cycle times, greater shell capacity and lightning fast reloads to your Mossberg 12 gauge, transforming your shotgun into a Sidewinder Venom mag-fed tactical shotgun system. Designed for owner installation, easy loading, and guaranteed reliability, the Venom-SE 10 Round Rotary Kit offers the ultimate in performance for defense, range, or competition shooting. Kits are available for either 590 series or 500 & 88, Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotguns configured with 5 6 shot magazine tubes and 18.5 inch barrels. See our shotgun compatibility guide to confirm your specific model. Complete shotgun magazine conversion kit for at home installation includes 10 round rotary magazine, forend with action bars, magazine tube, barrel clamp, forend grip, M4 style stock, emery cloth and installation guide. Additional 10 round rotary and 5 round box magazines are available for sale separately. Venom Kit Installation Services are also available by our assembly technicians. Designed for owner installation. Rapid reloads and increased ammunition capacity. Improved firearm versatility and performance. Durable polymer and alloy construction. Guaranteed reliable feeding. 10 round Rotary magazine. Adjustable M4-style stock with pistol grip features custom length-of-pull for proper fit and improved performance. Available in Black and Camo patterns. Compatible with SAAMI Spec 12 gauge - 2.75 inch ammunition. Ambidextrous design. made in specialized factories Note! 500A Cruiser Shotguns with the 5 6 shot exposed thread magazine tube and heavy duty end cap require ordering of the inch590 inch version of the Sidewinder Venom Kit. Note! Sidewinder Venom Kits are not compatible with Single Action Bar Maverick 88 Shotguns, or with Mossberg 500L (Left-Handed) Shotguns.

Specifications and Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Fabric/Material: Polymer
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 Round
  • Gauge: 12
  • Gun Make: Mossberg
  • Gun Model: Mossberg Model 500
  • Gun Type: Shotgun
  • Included Accessories: Installation Guide, Emery Cloth, M4 Style Stock, Forend Grip, Barrel Clamp, Magazine Tube, Forend with Action Bars, 10-Round Rotary Mag

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.